For the safety and comfort of our providers all clients must have an initial screening before making an appointment.
All New Friends text | 786-228-5210
Established Friends  | 954-256-6898
If you have never been through our screening please do not contact us attempting to make an appointment.
You will be referred back to this page until the proper information has been submitted and verified.

We do not make exceptions for anyone!

We have several ways for you to get verified. Please choose one of the following and submit the complete information or you will be asked to resubmit your information.
  1. We accept references from independent escorts and agencies in good recent standing in the community. Please provide at least 2 references tell us name, email, telephone number, and website if applicable as well as all information they will need to confirm you. (complete name, telephone number and geographical location) The decision if your reference is trustworthy is at our sole discretion.Please send all verification requests to [email protected]
  2. If you are a Rs2k member Submit Your First and last Name , Phone Number, City and State used when you registered. Additional information may be requird at our discreation.
  3. If you are not capable of using one of the above-mentioned processes please contact us for more options. These options will require more personal information
We process every screening request as quickly as we possibly can, we do not have control over how quickly an individual provider or service returns our inquiry. Please be patient, we will get in touch as soon as we are ready to make your appointment.

Our cancellation policy

We understand that things happen from time to time and plans need to be canceled. We ask that if for any reason your appointment needs to be changed or canceled that you contact us immediately, in writing via text or email. No appointment is considered canceled until you have received a confirmation in writing confirming so. Appointments canceled outside of 48 hours no cancellation payment is expected. For appointments canceled within 48 hours of your scheduled visit, a fee of 50% of your arranged fee will be required to maintain good standing with us. For appointments canceled within 24 hours of your scheduled visit, 100% of your arranged booking fee is necessary to maintain good standing. Any no call no show for any appointment will result in immediate transfer to our do not service list.
CANCELLATION ON SAME DAY  WILL RESULT IN a last minute cancellation fee of $100
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